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Professional hardware and software solutions

We will supply you with individual hardware and software components as well as customized turn-key solutions for your company. Just simply give us a call at +49 44 51 - 953 63-10, write us an e-mail or send us the contact form.

Individual solution instead of standard product

For the majority of companies, standard off-the-shelf products are not optimal: on one side, important components might be missing; on the other side, some of the installed components might be too expensive, superfluous or confusing.

We will provide you with exactly the hardware and software solutions you will need for your company. On the one hand, that helps you avoid unnecessary costs. On the other, we will appropriately design your DP system to assure you are also prepared for future needs and enhancements. Following an in-depth analysis of your needs, we will compile an action plan with transparent cost specification and a binding time schedule.

Hardware and Software – Our services in detail:

  • determination of hardware and software needs
  • selection of appropriate components
  • selling hardware and software
    • standard software
    • computers, PC, printers
    • network cameras, webcams

We are certified retailer and service partners to the companies Extra Computer GmbH, bintec elmeg GmbH.