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Intelligent Networks – Network Solutions – LAN – WAN – WLAN

Networks: flexible, reliable, fast, and professional

With an intelligent network, you and your staff members have all data available where you need it. Texts, graphs, presentations, voice files or videos – everything is easy to find, conveniently available and secure against unauthorized access.

Optimized information logistics facilitates work for you and your employees and economizes on time. A made-to-fit network solution gives you decisive competitive advantages.

Have confidence in elit-systems experts: we will install, extend and manage your network. Give us a call at +49 44 51 - 953 63-10 or write us an e-mail.

Network technology – Our services in detail:

  • innovative network solutions and Internet connections
  • installation, management and maintenance of your LAN and/or WAN networks
    • consulting, planning and designing your new network
    • analysis and extension of your existing network
    • installation of network technology for Intranet and Extranet
  • tethered (LAN) and untethered (WLAN) network technology
  • integration of branch operations such as Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • wiring and qualification of CAT5, CAT6, CAT7 networks
  • radio relay technology, professional WLAN radio relay solutions
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions
  • qualification and verification of IT networks
  • education, training and support: on-site, on-line and via telephone
  • solutions for network-based video monitoring with digital network cameras and webcams